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If your family is being affected by domestic abuse, sexual abuse or gendered abuse and you are concerned about your child, it is important to make clear that domestic violence and abuse is not the child’s or young person’s fault. The children can be made to feel that this is occurring because of them or that they did something wrong. It is paramount that their safety comes first and help is always available. 

Over the Covid-19 pandemic, we have provided aid for parents supporting their children with schooling with internet access and support tools and tips for helping them learn.

Panahghar has a specialist Family Support Officer in Coventry that gives support to the children and young people in our supported accommodation and communities.

Our Family Support Officer works one-to-one with families and with other professionals in the child’s community, nurseries, schools and social care to tailor each child’s needs and to work to ensure each child receives the best care possible during this time.

Educational Support

Panahghar can also provide educational support to young people to develop their understanding of healthy relationships and help them to identify when domestic abuse may be occurring.