Need support or advice call us on our 24hr helpline 0800 055 6519

The Step Forward Project is a service which provides dedicated by and for Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic specialist refuge accommodation for those experiencing domestic abuse. The project includes a committed in-house counselling service for our service users as well a specialist immigration Practitioner to support you. As we are a BAME dedicated accommodation provider, we are committed to providing a specialised culturally aware service for your needs. We also provide group work which is delivered in multiple languages as well as understanding the cultural barriers our communities are experiencing.  

Step Forward is open to receiving referrals 7 days a week. With this project there are no waiting lists so feel free to reach out if you are in need of this service. There are staff available for support on site between 8:30am till 7pm as well as an out of hours on-call service from 7pm till 8:30am. 

We provide 15 refuge spaces with specialist multilingual support for BAME victims of domestic abuse spread across 3 different sites within Leicester. Our accommodation units comprise of:

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Please contact the DSV Team via if you would like to provide any anonymous feedback on Panahghar’s Step Forward Project delivered in Leicester. If you have sought help from Panahghar’s Leicester DA service and would like to be part of an anonymous feedback group, please see details below on how to join;