Case Studies

Panahghar's services support Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic women fleeing domestic abuse, sexual abuse or gendered abuse. Here are some case studies of some of our service users that Panahghar has helped. Read more

Help for women

At Panahghar, we understand how difficult it may be if you are a BAME person experiencing domestic, sexual or gendered abuse. Know that we are here for you and you're not alone. Read more

Our story

Panahghar have been supporting Black, Asian and Ethnic Minority victims and their families of domestic, sexual and other gendered abuse for over 40 years in Coventry, Leicester and the West Midlands. Read more

How to cover your tracks

If you're worried about somebody knowing you've visited this website there are ways to go about staying safe online. The safest way to access the internet would be to not use any devices that the perpetrator may have access to. If you have your own laptop, computer, iPad or phone, always have a password and try to change it regularly. If this is not possible, then we would advise not browsing on these devices and instead try to use a friend’s device, a work computer or a local library. Read more


Panahghar are always open to connecting and working with new people, other charities, researchers and organisations to see if a partnership is suitable. Read more

Send or leave a gift

Panahghar always welcomes gifts for our service users who do not have their usual belongings with them. We sometimes put out requests for things service users may need on our social media accounts. Read more

Terms and Conditions

A summary of the terms of use for this site and the conditions and licensing for reproduction. Read more

Privacy Policy

At Panahghar, we are committed to respecting and protecting your privacy to keep your personal information safe and being clear on how we collect your data, how we store it and what we do with it. Read more


We love to hear from people that would like to fundraise for Panahghar. The funds you raise can help us continue our services and ultimately means changing and saving lives. Read more

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Even the smallest contribution to a community in need can change lives forever. We believe everyone has the potential for greatness Read more